Nicaragua O'Payo 74% – Chocolat Noir / Dark Chocolate – #21-0018

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Ce chocolat à 74% est fabriquer d’un cacao biologique du Nicaragua. Nous aimons que notre chocolat au pourcentage plus élevé ait une acidulation rafraîchissante, comme ce O'Payo.

This 74% cacao chocolate features an organic cacao from Nicaragua that is lively. In this mid-percentage this bean expresses a lovely fruitiness, like plumes, and a classy sweetness of Porto, and a nutty finish.

On remarque des notes de / We notice notes of : Prune, porto, noix. / Plum, port, nuts.

Elements : Graines de cacao bio, sucre de canne biologique beurre de cacao / Organic cacao beans, organic cane sugar, cacao butter.

Origin : Cacao: Nicaragua (12°23'16.4"N 86°02'23.0"W); Organic sugar from evaporated cane juice, Eco Social, Brazil; cacao butter, Mexico.

Torréfaction / Roast : mi-légère / medium-light