Our Story

André Cormier and Robin Streb are co-founders of LaRouère chocolate factory and boutique that transformes fine cacao beans into fine chocolate in small batches in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. Located in St. George Street’s Urban Quarter, where they are part of a growing community of food artisans who make a wide variety of products, including bacon, kombucha, ice cream, donuts, beer, and coffee.

André and Robin have been lovers of fine chocolate for many years but in 2016, after much research and planning, they began roasting, winnowing, grinding and tempering cacao in their home and selling their chocolate locally. The opening of their own factory and boutique has cemented their commitment to perfecting their craft and bringing flavourful chocolate to a wider audience.

All their cacao is premium quality and is sourced from trusted brokers who ensure that the highest ethical and environmental standards are met throughout the supply chain. https://www.mabco.ca and https://www.uncommoncacao.com. LaRouère happily pays up to four times more than commodity cacao prices for their premium cacao. This provides proper pay to the cacao farmers at origin, and a healthy supply chain, while ensuring the cacao is grown, fermented and dried with the care needed to produce the finest chocolate. 

To do this cacao justice, André and Robin draw on their skills as professional musicians who know that excellence is paramount. They apply creative rigour, impeccable timing, a keen sense of taste, attention to detail, and an abundance of patience to express their passion in both their music and their chocolate. 

From our best to you,
André and Robin
LaRouère co-owner and founders.