Our Story

André Cormier and Robin Streb are co-founders of LaRouère chocolate factory and boutique that transformes fine cacao beans into fine chocolate in small batches in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. Located in St. George Street’s Urban Quarter, where they are part of a growing community of food artisans who make a wide variety of products, including bacon, kombucha, ice cream, donuts, beer, and coffee.

André and Robin have been lovers of fine chocolate for many years but in 2016, after much research and planning, they began roasting, winnowing, grinding and tempering cacao in their home and selling their chocolate locally. The opening of their own factory and boutique has cemented their commitment to perfecting their craft and bringing flavourful chocolate to a wider audience.

All their cacao is premium quality and is sourced from trusted brokers who ensure that the highest ethical and environmental standards are met throughout the supply chain. https://www.mabco.ca and https://www.uncommoncacao.com. LaRouère happily pays up to four times more than commodity cacao prices for their premium cacao. This provides proper pay to the cacao farmers at origin, and a healthy supply chain, while ensuring the cacao is grown, fermented and dried with the care needed to produce the finest chocolate. 

To do this cacao justice, André and Robin draw on their skills as professional musicians who know that excellence is paramount. They apply creative rigour, impeccable timing, a keen sense of taste, attention to detail, and an abundance of patience to express their passion in both their music and their chocolate. 

From our best to you,
André and Robin
LaRouère co-owner and founders.

LaRouère mission, vision, values

MISSION   Our practice is to craft chocolate that will engage your senses, open your mind, and win your heart.

Our focus is to deliver an outstanding gustatory sensation for the chocolate lovers among us and beyond. This, without compromise, begins with extraordinary cacao—cared for, harvested, fermented, and dried at origin by talented growers around the world—that we are proud to transform into stunning single origin chocolate. With precise techniques, patience, and care LaRouère ensures every small batch becomes a distinguished chocolate that we can’t wait to share. We fully immerse ourselves in this practice to allow each fine cacao seed to express its complex of flavours.


Priority—Our main concern is making chocolate with great cacao origins that in return gift us with a genuine panoply of natural flavour.

Transparency—Our process is open for all to see, and our ingredients are entirely traceable.

Fidelity—We’re in humble service of cacao, we are there to assist it express its finest stories through chocolate.

Determination—We’re dedicated to producing and offering an ever evolving series of chocolate that range in cacao percentages, from various prized cacao origins, and in diverse styles.

Artistry—With 25 years of musical practice, we approach our chocolate making with the same rigor: Discipline, creativity, learning, experimenting, and always doing with love and joy.

Neighborhood—As the local chocolate maker, we’re proud to offer a unique space for everyone to discover, further understand, and take pleasure in finest chocolate and cacao.


MISSION   Notre pratique consiste à fabriquer du chocolat qui engagera vos sens, ouvrira votre esprit et gagnera votre cœur.

Notre objectif est d’offrir une sensation gustative exceptionnelle aux amateurs de chocolat parmi nous et au-delà. Ceci, sans compromis, commence par un cacao extraordinaire — soigné, récolté, fermenté et séché à l'origine par des producteurs chevronnés du monde entier — que nous sommes fiers de transformer en chocolat d’origine unique superbe. Avec des techniques précises, de la patience et du soin, LaRouère s’assure que chaque petit lot devient un chocolat distingué que nous avons hâte de partager. Nous nous immergeons pleinement dans cette pratique pour permettre à chaque graine de cacao fine d’exprimer son complexe de saveurs.


Priorité—Notre préoccupation central est de fabriquer du chocolat avec de grandes origines de cacao qui, en retour, nous offrent une véritable panoplie de saveurs naturelles.

Transparence—Notre processus est ouvert à tous et nos ingrédients sont entièrement traçables.

Fidélité—Nous sommes au service humble du cacao, nous sommes là pour l'aider à exprimer ses plus belles histoires à travers le chocolat.

Déterminé—Nous nous engageons à produire et à offrir une série de chocolats en constante évolution qui varient en pourcentages de cacao, provenant de diverses origines de cacao prisées et dans divers styles.

L’Art—Avec 25 ans de pratique musicale, nous abordons notre fabrication de chocolat avec la même rigueur : Discipline, créativité, apprentissage, expérimentation et toujours faire avec amour et joie.

Quartier—En tant que chocolatier local, nous sommes fiers d'offrir un espace unique pour que chacun puisse découvrir, mieux comprendre et apprécier les meilleurs chocolats et cacaos.