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LaRouere fabrique de chocolat

Venezuela, Gibraltar 74% – Chocolat Noir / Dark Chocolate

Venezuela, Gibraltar 74% – Chocolat Noir / Dark Chocolate

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Gibraltar is a small town of the Municipality of Sucre in the Zulia state.
Its geographic location near the coast of the Maracaibo Lake is key for
the signature flavour of Gibraltar beans as there is a great mosaic of
criollo type cacaos in this area.

On remarque des notes de / We notice notes of : Cerises jaunes caramel noisette nuance boisée / Yellow cherries caramel nuts woody nuance

Éléments : Graines de cacao, sucre de canne biologique, beurre de cacao / Cacao beans, organic cane sugar, cacao butter.

Origin : Cacao: Venezuela (8°08'33.2"N 72°04'22.9"W); Organic sugar from evaporated cane juice, Eco Social, Brazil; cacao butter, Mexique.

Torréfaction / Roast : moyenne / medium


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